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James Bird.

James Bird is Senior Multimedia Executive at Profile. He is responsible for coordinating multimedia projects end-to-end, including pre-production, shooting, and editing.

James Bird is a Senior Multimedia Executive at Profile, where he leads on video and podcast projects from start to finish.

Before starting at Profile, James worked as a freelance photographer and videographer. He managed social media for an electronic music promotion agency, supporting up-and-coming music producers and DJs.

Whilst studying at university, he built an interest in all things digital, media and business, and worked in marketing for a tech start-up in the summer of his second year.

Left-field thinking.

"To bring clients’ ideas to life involves a lot of planning and left-field thinking, whether that be the location of a shoot, choosing podcast guests, or style of B-roll for an interview.

It’s also incredibly rewarding to see the final piece of content in a top-tier media publication, or on a client's website and social media."

Talk directly to your audience.

"There is something really powerful about creating short clips that can be used across LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms. There’s no better way to get across your message than talking directly to your audience. It's less time-consuming than most people think – one filming session could create 10 or more individual clips."

Visibility drives growth.

"The role of the business leader has transformed. To push through in the business world as an individual, and to grow a business even further, business leaders have to be at the forefront. Think about any of the major brands you buy from or services you use – how many of them have a visible leader?"

Do what you love.

"I spend a lot of time involved in the music industry, producing music and playing at events. I also provide marketing and creative support for London-based event promotions. I think there’s something really fulfilling about following your passion, and it’s a great way to connect with others."

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