We are a global PR & comms agency focused on thought leadership.

Welcome to Profile. We run award-winning thought leadership campaigns for individuals & businesses that blend PR, media, & multimedia.

Modern comms, leadership led.

We are Profile, a full-service international PR & communications agency. For more than a decade, we have run award-winning thought-leadership campaigns for entrepreneurial individuals & fast-growing businesses.

Our expertise spans media coverage, social media, & multimedia. Leveraging PR →, thought leadership →, and personal branding →, we give businesses & leaders the profiles they need to deliver on their goals, whether that's growth, fundraising, or IPO.

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A multi-award-winning specialist in thought leadership.

We are a full-service, integrated communications agency – providing PR, thought leadership, social media, and multimedia capabilities in a single place.

Our mission, purpose driven.

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We exist to help individuals & companies unlock the power of thought leadership, enabling businesses to drive faster growth, attract better talent, raise more funding, and, ultimately, maximise their potential.

Our mission is to help individuals & companies bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. Our research shows that individuals & businesses that are recognised as thought leaders are more likely to achieving personal or corporate objectives.


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We're an energetic, entrepreneurial, and hands-on team. We are global in our reach, supporting clients from London to Los Angeles, Singapore to Sydney, with extensive media networks.

Our success is built on our specialist experience in thought leadership, tried-and-tested method for building profiles for individuals & businesses, and deep understanding of digital & online in modern communications.

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Profile runs thought leadership campaigns that give companies & individuals clout – in a world that needs fresh voices.

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