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Andy Mundy.

Andy Mundy is a Client Manager at Profile. He drives communications programmes from start to end, and previously worked as a Media Executive within the business.

Andy is a Client Manager at Profile, responsible for day-to-day contact with clients as well as driving communications programmes from start to end.

Before becoming Client Manager in 2022, he worked as a Media Executive within the business, where he was responsible for liaising with journalists, pitching stories and interviews, and seeing media coverage to completion.

Prior to working at Profile, he worked at a lifestyle PR agency, which specialised in sustainability and conservation; an internal digital marketing department; and a tech start-up in the leisure sector.

He graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BA in English Language and Communication in 2017. He is also a keen photographer, and he often supports the multimedia team at Profile.

Eyes and ears for clients.

“I am the eyes and ears for all workstreams for clients. I ensure that every piece of work we deliver – be it a podcast episode or a press release – positions their unique ideas in the right way."

Quality, frequency, and honesty.

"If I had to encapsulate what good client service looks like in three words, they would be quality, frequency, and honesty. Quality is at the core of what we do at Profile. We have always taken a less-is-more approach as an agency, and has played a vital role in getting us where we are today."

Changing things for the better.

"It is not often that you can play such a huge role in changing how things are done for the better. Whether it's about what policies need to change to help entrepreneurs prosper, or what must be done to tackle the loss of biodiversity throughout the planet, working at Profile means you can amplify that idea."

Max out the value.

"There is always an opportunity to squeeze more value out of an opportunity. Let's say a client has just appeared on a Bloomberg podcast. It's an excellent win – but it doesn't stop there. Start thinking creatively: how can I share this opportunity on Twitter not once, but five times? And how can I take the audio from this podcast? These types of thought processes will get any new starter in my role very far."

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