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We are a thought leadership agency with a focus on the US & Canada. We work with individuals and companies to build their profiles through PR, social media, & video.

We are a dedicated thought leadership PR agency with more than a decade of experience supporting clients across the US & Canada. Whether you're in New York or LA, we can support you with PR, social media, & multimedia production.

Thought leadership & PR is one of the best ways to stand out as an individual or company. It enables you to build your profile and standing through insight-driven content among your most important audiences.

PR & thought leadership can be especially powerful in the US and Canada, where competition for the attention of customers, partners, team members, and other stakeholders is particularly robust.

We support clients across North America, with regular visits to New York, LA, Washington, and elsewhere. Source: Profile.

Over the last decade, we have supported clients of all sizes across the US and Canada, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and Toronto.

Thought leadership & PR services in the US.

As a dedicated thought leadership & PR specialist, we flex our offering depending on your needs and priorities.

  • Thought leadership strategy. We will devise a thought leadership strategy that works best for you, taking into account your audience, objectives, and priorities. This may include defining your tone of voice, starting insight generation, as well as picking the best subjects to discuss.

  • US media coverage & PR activity. We will run a full-throttle PR campaign that targets the North American (and international) media. This may include key national titles as well as well-read regional newspapers that are relevant to your audience. We also have strong connections with the major broadcast platforms in New York, LA, and Toronto.

  • Multimedia & thought leadership videos. We will produce, shoot, and edit thought-leadership videos to showcase your individual or company insights in an engaging visual format. Our in-house multimedia team is regularly on the ground in the US, including scheduled visits to New York and LA. We can also capture compelling multimedia content remotely.

  • Social media & LinkedIn. We will run high-impact thought leadership campaigns on social media, with a specialist focus on professional platforms, such as LinkedIn. Our activities include drafting content, posting at an optimal time, and growing your following in an organic way.

Dedicated support from Boston to New York, San Francisco to Houston.

Over the last decade, we have coordinated some of the most successful thought-leadership & PR campaigns for clients in the US and Canada.

Over that time, we have supported individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes. So, whether you're a tech start-up in San Francisco or an agricultural giant in Minnesota, we know how to tailor a programme that will work best for you.

Their client care & support was seamless. But, even better than that, they delivered top-quality results across the media and LinkedIn.

Partner, New York finance boutique

We have also had the opportunity to support clients with a blend of different objectives, meaning that we have experience devising programmes clients who want to target employees, customers, investors, regulators, partners, and everything in-between.

As a specialist in thought leadership, we have applied our work to individuals who want to achieve personal goal – as well as companies who want to achieve corporate targets.

We have deep connections with all the North American media, including newspapers, TV, & radio. Source: Profile.

End-to-end PR support for clients in the US and Canada.

Here is a sample of just some of the services that we provide to clients in North America...

Thought leadership strategy • Audience identification • Insight generation • Topic planning • US media outreach • US PR pitching • US broadcast pitching • Press release drafting • Op-ed writing • Media training • Press release distribution • Executive photography • Video production • Video editing • Social media strategy • LinkedIn post drafting • LinkedIn optimization • LinkedIn follower growth • SEO

Example of our work in the US & Canada.

  • New York investment bank. A boutique investment bank focused on M&A in the telecoms industry wanted to position themselves as experts on the growing use of AI in telecoms, with a view to building visibility of their company and brand among telecoms corporates to win M&A mandates.

  • Real estate developer in Chicago & Washington, DC. The founder of a real estate developer wanted to establish themselves as a well-known expert on redeveloping industrial sites into luxury residential communities in ways that meshed well with local communities, with a view to winning support from planning decision-makers and local residents for new projects.

  • Oil & gas analyst in Houston. A well-known expert on oil & gas markets wanted to secure media coverage and build their following on LinkedIn as an leading voice on the oil, gas, and energy price, with a view to generating leads of their consultancy, especially among big energy buyers, such as manufacturers.

  • Fintech start-up in Toronto. A leading fintech start-up in Canada wanted to build their profile through a high-octane thought-leadership campaign that showcased the money that businesses and consumers could save from sending money abroad using new fintech platforms rather than traditional remittance channels.

  • VC firm in San Francisco. A partner at a high-profile venture capital firm in Silicon Valley wanted to build their profile as a leading investment figure in the emerging agtech space, with a view to boosting their deal flow as well as getting approached more often by journalists, conference organizers, and others.

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We are experts at thought leadership, but we are truly national and global in our reach. We are as comfortable running thought-leadership campaigns in New York and New Orleans – as we are in Chicago and Charlotte.

We are a one-stop-shop for you PR & thought leadership needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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