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We are a specialist personal PR agency, running high-impact PR campaigns for individuals that blend branding, media coverage, social media, and video production.

We run high-impact creative personal PR campaigns for individuals. Our expertise spans strategy and personal branding, media engagement, social media management, and multimedia production.

Personal PR is a powerful way to cement credibility, whether that's with potential customers, recruits, investors, regulators, or much else besides.

Whether you're the CEO of a large company or an independent consultant, personal PR is a powerful way to drive the growth of your business or career.

We have built a name for our specialist focus on PR for individuals. Credit: Profile.

PR for individuals services.

We are a dedicated personal PR agency, meaning that we have everything that you need in a single place.

We run PR campaigns for individuals end to end, bringing our specialists and technical experts into play at the appropriate time.

  • Personal positioning strategy. We set your personal positioning strategy and personal brand, taking into account your objectives and priorities, as well as any potential news that might be coming down the track.

  • Identifying tone of voice and topics. We will find a tone of voice and personal brand that feels authentic, whether that's a formal or a little more relaxed. We will also identify timely topics that will form the basis of our content creative activity over the PR campaign.

  • PR and media for individuals. We will secure relevant personal media coverage in target publications, whether that's online, print, TV, or radio. Our end-to-end support covers media pitching, content writing, and seeing coverage to completion.

  • LinkedIn management for individuals. We actively run social media accounts for our clients, ensuring that they are optimised for audience engagement and drafting high-performing posts for monthly schedules.

  • Personal multimedia content. We capture, shoot, and edit multimedia content that can be leveraged across PR campaigns and social media activity, whether that's videos for social media or editorial photography.

We understand personal branding & personal PR.

We have been running personal PR campaigns for more than a decade. In fact, we were one of the first-movers in the sector.

For years, we have worked with personalities behind globally recognised brands. Source: Profile.

Over that time, we have worked with just about every type of individual in just about every industry.

Profile get how personal PR works. I was always very worried about a personal PR campaign looking too grasping or ego-driven. But they managed it perfectly. It was all about my insight first and foremost.

CTO, Hospitality operator

Whether you're the founder of a pre-IPO mid-sized manufacturing business or a standalone consultant, we know what it takes to run an effective PR campaign for individuals.

We work globally, with a specialist focus on business and finance media. Whether you're in North America, Europe, or Asia, we have you covered.

One-stop for personal brand PR.

To give you a taste, our personal brand PR experience includes...

Personal positioning • Personal strategy • Tone of voice development • Insight development • Media pitching • Media training • Media management • Executive photography • Video production • Social media strategy • LinkedIn management • Press office • Press release drafting • Press release distribution • Digital footprint management • Personal branding • Reputation management

We have run personal PR strategies for entrepreneurs, executives, and many others. Credit: Profile.

We love representing individuals.

We have worked with clients across the world, leveraging our unique blend of personal branding, media, PR, social media, and multimedia support.

  • Founder of a high-growth start-up. The founder of a well-known fintech start-up wanted to run a high-intensity personal PR campaign in advance of a Series B fundraise to build their credibility and name recognition amongst investors, principally Silicon Valley-based VC firms.

  • CEO of a mid-market healthcare business. The CEO of a private equity-backed international healthcare provider wanted to build their profile to complement a recruitment drive as well as build visibility amongst acquisition targets.

  • Partner at a Big 4 accountancy. The Partner at a large accountancy wanted to raise their individual profile as a leading expert on debt restructuring amongst potential clients, with a focus on the biggest corporates in US, UK, and Benelux.

  • CTO of a Nasdaq-listed business. The CTO of a large pharmaceutical business wanted to position themselves as a leading figure on integrating AI, VR, and other next-gen emerging technologies into the pharmaceutical industry to align with the company's wider strategy of positioning themselves as a leader on tech.

Our personal PR team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are specialists at working with CEOs and executives, but we are truly global in our capability. We are as comfortable running personal PR campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for your personal PR needs. We have worked with executives for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans traditional media, social media, and multimedia.


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