CEO & executive thought leadership.

We coordinate thought leadership campaigns for CEOs & executives to drive business growth – blending strategy, media coverage, multimedia, and social media.

We run high-profile thought-leadership campaigns for CEOs, company leaders, and executives. Our expertise spans thought leadership strategy, executive branding, media coverage, social media, and multimedia production.

As a CEO or executive, your insights are a powerful tools to differentiate your company. Your CEO & executive brand gives you and your company an edge.

A savvy executive thought-leadership campaign can help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, accelerate growth, raise investment, poach top talent, and, even, command a higher company valuation.

Executive thought leadership campaigns can target customers, investors, or employees. Credit: Profile.

Thought leadership agency for CEOs & execs.

We offer executives, CEOs, and company leaders with a single, go-to agency to organise, design, and execute result-driven thought-leadership campaigns and executive branding strategies. We provide an end-to-end service.

  • Thought leadership strategy. We identify and sharpen a 'thought-leadership angle' that showcases your expertise and engage your audience.

  • Thought leadership content. We create all forms of insight-driven content, including blogs, research, case studies, articles, podcasts, and videos. We have dedicated in-house multimedia and writing teams.

  • Media coverage and public relations. We secure high-value media coverage with newspapers, magazines, and websites, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and share your insights.

  • Thought leadership on social media. We create original content for social media, principally LinkedIn, to position you as an original, leading thinker and grow your audience.

We understand executives.

We have worked with all types of executives. We tailor our approach to the individual client, whether you're the CEO of a multinational conglomerate or a rising star within a fast-growth start-up.

I'm always surprised by the number of journalists or industry peers who are interested in what I have to say. I put that down to Profile's ability to find topics that people are genuinely interested in.

CTO, Medtech business

We work across all industries. We're specialists in thought-leadership and executive branding, and we are not narrowly focused on a single sector or industry.

Whether you work within tech, finance, industry, professional services, or something else besides, we know how to craft an executive thought-leadership campaign that will deliver results.

One-stop for the C-Suite.

To give you a sense of our breadth, our executive thought leadership expertise includes...

Thought leadership strategy • CEO positioning • Leadership positioning • Multimedia strategy • Thought leadership content • Executive photography • Video production • Media training • Press release drafting • Interview pitching • Podcast pitching • • Broadcast pitching • LinkedIn management • Twitter management • Social media writing • SEO Executive branding

We have coordinated executive thought leadership campaigns for more than a decade. Credit: Profile.

Executive & CEO thought leadership examples.

Our experience working with executives and C-Suite team members spans a decade. Over that time, we have supported execs at all stages of their careers, including:

  • FTSE-250 CEO on innovation. CEO of a FTSE-250 medical company who wanted to be positioned as a leader on pharmaceutical innovation and new drug discovery methods to support their transformation strategy.

  • Start-up founder on e-commerce. Founder of a tech start-up who wanted to be positioned as someone who was driving forward new, disruptive forms of e-commerce in advance of a Series C fundraise to support their VC pitching as well as push up their valuation.

  • Chief HR Office on talent trends. The CHRO at a large international law firm wanted to position themselves as a forward-thinking, progressive leader on hiring and working practices to boost recruitment and give themselves an edge among graduate hires.

Executive thought leadership

Thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at running thought-leadership campaigns for executives, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your executive thought-leadership content needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is executive thought leadership?

Executive thought leadership is the process of raising the profile of C-Suite executives and, by extension, their companies through creating insight-driven content to showcase their expertise. This process usually leverages a combination of public relations, multimedia content creation, and social media.

Why is executive thought leadership important?

Companies with visible, well-known leadership teams grow faster, attract better talent and more investment, and even command a premium on valuation. Audiences are increasingly looking to the people at the top of companies for insights and leadership.

What does executive thought leadership involve?

The key parts of an executive thought leadership campaign include identifying a key insight or thought-leadership angle, turning that angle into compelling content, and getting this content into the hands of an audience through public relations, social media, and advertising.

What does executive thought leadership cost?

The cost of an executive thought leadership campaign will vary with the breadth and intensity of the campaign. Campaigns with Profile start at £4,500 per month for a minimum of a 6-month period to make a difference.

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