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Profile is on a mission to create visible leaders – in a fast-moving and rapidly changing world that needs fresh and original business voices.

We are on a mission to create visible leaders. Business and society benefits from visible company leaders – people with the ideas, influence, and voice to reimagine their companies, industries, and wider society in positive ways.

We need fresh business voices with new ideas. The challenges we face as a planet have never been so great – but we are optimistic. We need company leaders who are not afraid to bring new ideas to market.

Driving growth.

Companies with visible leaders are winning the war for talent and capital. Time and again, recruits and investors decide to join or back companies with ambitious visible leadership teams. Organisations without visible leaders are at a competitive disadvantage.

Stoking innovation.

New ideas only breakthrough if they have powerful advocates. Visible leaders have the credibility and standing to challenge the status quo – and show other companies, industries, and society-at-large how things could be different.

Age of flux.

We need people with new solutions. Change brings historic challenges, whether it's the impact of AI or the risk of climate collapse. We strive to give people with fresh ideas a voice, so that we can find surprising and unexpected solutions to these historic challenges.

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