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Tom Mitchell.

Tom Mitchell is a Junior Client Manager, responsible for driving work programmes, updating clients on activity, and providing strategic and timely advice.

Tom Mitchell is a Junior Client Manager, where he is responsible for driving activity on work programmes to build clients' profiles, mentoring and guiding team members, and updating clients on activity.

Joining Profile in 2022, Tom initially worked as a Writing Executive – before spending time within the social media and media engagement teams.

Prior to joining Profile, he had hoped to spend a year in Beijing teaching English, but due to China’s zero Covid policy, it was impossible to get a work visa so he started a career in communications.

He studied Psychology at the University of Sheffield where, for his dissertation, he conducted a study to find out whether increased cognitive strain causes people to avert their gaze from complex visual stimuli as a means of conserving cognitive resources for the task at hand.

Working backwards.

"The first thing I do is read everything I can find about the client online, from news stories about them to their business roles and their social media activity. Once I have a good idea of who the client is, I’ll picture their profile in perfect form and start thinking about how we can get there."

Prefer simplicity.

"I started this role shortly after graduating and was accustomed to using long words and unnecessary language thinking it made my writing sound more intelligent. But I’ve learned that using simple and to-the-point language is far more persuasive."

Visible leaders create concrete companies.

"By having a visual leader, a business can move away from abstraction and become concrete. By putting a person at the forefront of a business, you can garner trust, faith, and even personal connection in a way that you can’t with abstract branding. This adds immense value to a business."

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