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Jordan Greenaway.

Jordan Greenaway is Founder and Commercial Director at Profile. He is responsible for company strategy, partnerships, business development, and marketing.

Jordan Greenaway is Founder and Commercial Director of Profile, responsible for growing the business through marketing, advertising, partnerships, and recruitment.

In 2014, Jordan founded Profile's sister agency, Transmission Private, to support high-profile individuals with their unique communications challenges. In 2022, he launched Profile to take the agency's creative services to a new generation of entrepreneurs, founders, and company leaders.

He started his career in politics, supporting a former Shadow Minister with all aspects of their policy work and public profile. In that role, he helped coordinate the Parliamentary Space Committee (Space APPG) and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).

Jordan sits on the Board of Washington, DC-based NGO FINCA International, which provides financial support to entrepreneurs in the developing world. He also serves on the Board of FINCA UK.

Working with entrepreneurs.

"The highlight of my job is meeting exceptional entrepreneurs. Enterprise is a force for good, and business has been responsible for some of the greatest leaps in human well-being. It is an honour to work alongside accomplished people who are continuing to push us forward."

Take the time to listen.

"You need to put yourself in a client's shoes. Too often, advisors jump to conclusions before they have even listened properly. Take the time to understand exactly where a client is coming from, as well as the unique subtleties of their situation."

Optimistic about the future.

"I'm fiercely optimistic. I know we're facing historic challenges as a planet. But I have full faith that human ingenuity, our capacity for innovation, and our ability to solve problems hold us in good stead."

Iteration beats perfectionism.

"Effective results come from iteration. Don't expect to find the best solution to a problem immediately. Instead, do the best job you can – get it over the line – but then learn from that experience, so that next time you will do it better. If you improve every day, results add up quickly."

Good ideas come from visible leaders.

"No one has a monopoly on good ideas. Too often, good ideas get lost because the individual does not have the credibility or profile to get their voice heard. There is a genuine risk that without visible leaders, we are running the risk of missing out on new innovative ideas."

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