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We run PR & thought leadership campaigns for individuals and companies across various industries, such as tech, financial services, & professional services.

We run award-winning thought leadership campaigns for companies and leading individual across a wide range of fields, creating content and securing strategic coverage to showcase their expertise and insights.

Over the last decade, we have built specialist industry teams with deep insight and familiarity into the technical sides of different sectors. This gives us the ability to get up to speed with new companies and clients quickly, as well as write professionally and expertly about different topics.

We provide thought leadership services to a range of industries, with a focus on B2B audiences. Source: Profile.

Over recent years, we have split our business into a number of different, discrete business units, with specific areas of focus and specialism. When you work with Profile, you will always work with a team that knows you industry intimately, and can advise and guide you expertly.

Specialist industry support.

In particular, our company is very adept at working across the following fields, sectors, and industries when to comes to crafting PR & thought leadership campaigns.

  • Technology. PR & thought leadership support to companies and executives working across the technology & tech sector, including tech start-up, enterprise SaaS businesses, as well as VC and investment firms. Read more about tech →

  • Financial services & finance. Campaigns for financial services firms and investment leaders, including wealth managers, insurers, brokerages, advisors, and other companies in the financial and investment ecosystem. Read more about financial services →

  • Consulting firms. Thought leadership content is particularly effective for consultancies and consulting firms, whether it's strategy consulting, HR advice, digital transformation, or something else besides. Read more about consulting firm →

  • Professional services. Insight-driven content is a powerful way to elevate the profile of professional services firms, whether you work in legal services, accountancy, architecture, engineering, or something else.

  • Real estate & property. We have deep legs in the real estate industry, supporting developers and land owners on their thought leadership & PR activity.

  • Industrials, energy, & heavy industry. We are active across the heavy industry category and the broad range of companies that operate in this segment, including manufacturers, energy production, and infrastructure.

Experts in thought leadership.

We are thought leadership experts, with deep historic roots in PR and media engagement. Starting out as a dedicated media relations agency, we have since built a broad suite of services that enable our clients to position themselves as leaders in their industry.

They made everything very simple. We set a strong strategy, and they were able to execute it seamlessly within their own team. The results were strong, and I have already recommended them to colleagues and friends.

CEO, Manufacturing business

Not only are we able to seamlessly create engaging content, but we apply a strategic lens to all our work: ensuring what you're saying is truly unique, different, and distinctive.

In a world that's saturated with thought leadership content, we help our clients stand out from the crowd, whether that's through the media, on social media, or with engaging videos.

Deep knowledge for content creation.

Thought leadership goes beyond just media coverage & media engagement. An effective PR & thought leadership campaign requires a flow of insight-led, high-quality content.

We have created dedicated teams focused on different areas of content: social media content, media articles, and video. If required, we can take control of all your thought leadership and content streams, ensuring that there is an ongoing, consistent stream of activity.

We work at the intersection of thought leadership, public relations, & personal branding. Source: Profile.

Over recent years, video content has become much more important, so we have built up our own dedicated multimedia team, responsible for producing executive photography, videos, and podcast content.

International reach & perspective.

We are a truly global agency with worldwide reach. Although we are based in London, today, the majority of our clients are based in North America and the Middle East. We meet with our clients regularly through quarterly trips to major cities around the world.

We are able to coordinate all our activity from London, whether that's media pitching, social media drafting, or content creation. We have also invested heavily in production facilities to capture multimedia content remotely.

We have deep and extensive networks with the global English-speaking media, with particularly strong relationships with the international business and finance titles. We are also adept at crafting stories for different target markets and industry segments.

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We are experts at running PR & comms campaigns, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your PR & comms needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.

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