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Lisa Atsikidi.

Lisa Atsikidi is a Multimedia Executive at Profile, where her responsibilities include leading video and photo projects across all phases of pre- and post-production.

Lisa Atsikidi is a Multimedia Executive at Profile. She is responsible for leading video and photography projects across all phases of pre- and post-production.

Prior to joining Profile, Lisa worked as a freelancer videographer, producing on-brand, social-first content for a number of fast-growth start-up brands and well-known individuals.

As a freelancer, she built experience across almost every industry, from music to real estate.

She started her career in social media, managing client accounts across Twitter and Instagram with an emphasis on creating social streams with rich and compelling visuals. She studied Media & Communications at the University of Leicester.

Goal setting.

"I believe in transparency from both parties, so when meeting with a new client, I aim to understand their expectations and end goals. This allows me to create a comprehensive and customised roadmap, outlining the specific steps we will take to achieve their goals."

Success is hard fought.

"As someone once said to me: 'There's no losing, only learning, there’s no failure only opportunities, and there are no problems only solutions.' Or as I like to put it: The 1000 no's you get are just a stepping stone to that one yes that could change your life."

Visible leaders create concrete companies.

"You can be an expert in your field yes, but working in any industry it's also about credibility. And credibility is built on a foundation of what other people think of you. More credibility means more impact. To put it another way: It's difficult to be a leader if no one can see you."

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