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Isaac Goldring.

Isaac Goldring is a Media Executive at Profile, where he is responsible for securing media coverage, staying abreast of media trends, and writing media copy.

Isaac is a Media Executive at Profile and is responsible for securing premium media opportunities for clients, carrying out copywriting duties, and ensuring each client's messaging is communicated in a strategic and topical manner.

Prior to this role, Isaac completed an Internship at Profile in 2022 and, on his return to university, was appointed a Junior Researcher, a position that made him responsible for providing news briefings to other team members.

He recently graduated from Durham University with a BA (Hons) in Classics and, in his studies, he had a particular focus on colloquial Latin and its effects on character.

Start with strategy.

"Good PR requires strategy. Strategy, and especially evidenced strategy, offers a roadmap to drive the growth and prominence of ideas into the public eye – and not simply build presence."

Research provides a foundation.

"Knowing a client’s background and sectors inside-and-out means I can bring informed strategic ideas to the table and offer hyper-relevant pieces of work to the team. Ultimately, being well-informed and specific achieves the best results for the client and the agency."

What's the point?

"Start by asking yourself: "So what?" Whenever doing anything, whether that be an academic essay, a pitch to media, or cooking a roast dinner for the family, always evaluate its significance; after all, what is the use of an idea or point if it holds no weight?"

Creating future entrepreneurs.

"By increasing the visibility of leaders and their views, not only will it give budding entrepreneurs a role model to look up to, but simultaneously pushes the perspectives and ideas from experts into the public eye."

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