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Isaac Raymond.

Isaac Raymond is a Multimedia Executive at Profile, where he is responsible for securing compelling video content for clients.

Isaac Raymond is a Multimedia Executive at Profile, where he leads on video projects from start to finish. His day-to-day work includes pre-production, leading shoots, video editing, and seeing videos to completion.

As well as leading on video projects, over recent months Isaac has spearheaded the agency's push into YouTube management and remote capture technology.

Before joining Profile, Isaac worked as a freelance videographer for a number of high-profile corporate clients alongside his work producing, directing, and making short films.

He has a degree in filmmaking from London South Bank University, and started his career as an award-winning fashion designer.

Audiences want visual content.

"Multimedia content plays an increasingly important role in PR. Good-quality visuals can make or break an article online. It can make the difference between an article grabbing the attention of a reader – or not."

BFI award winner.

"I love the diversity of video making. No client or project is ever the same. I love working with corporate clients, but some of the work that I'm proudest of is my filmmaking.

"In particular, I am especially proud of winning the BFI Network Best Film award for the film I put together as part of my degree at LSBU. I try to bring this creative flare to my commercial work too."

Don't stand on the sidelines.

"The power of video is that you get to express yourself in your own voice. People get a real sense of you as a person.

"When talking to friends about my work, they always say they want to hear from people who aren't afraid to express themselves.

"So, my advice? Get off the sidelines, and start putting yourself out there."

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