Executive communications.

We run executive communications campaigns for CEOs & management teams, blending positioning, content creation, PR & media, and multimedia.

Your executive team can be a powerful communications asset for your business. They can act as high-profile ambassadors for your company, getting the right messages and narratives out into the wider industry.

Your executive team is increasingly seen as a proxy for your business and their reputation. So, it is important to put significant thought into executive communications, ensuring that your leadership team amplify (rather than detract) from your corporate messaging.

We support companies with all aspects of executive communications, including strategy, social media, & media coverage. Credit: Profile.

If done right, an effective executive communications strategy can build visibility and trust among all stakeholders, including customers, team members, partners, investors, and others.

In fact, our research shows that businesses led by high-profile, well-recognised executives who are recognised in their field recruit better talent, secure more investment (on better terms), and, ultimately, grow faster.

We love all aspects of executive comms.

As a full-service agency, we are able to support clients with across all aspects of their executive communications & executive PR work. We work with companies and organisations of all sizes, customising our solutions for different clients.

  • Executive positioning & strategy. We will set a strategic direction for your executive communications, including identifying topics and issues for commentary, lasering in on your audience, setting an appropriate tone of voice, and undertaking research. Ultimately, the strategy will take into account your objectives, goals, news coming down the track, and much else besides.

  • Content creation, blogs, & internal comms. We will create a blend of different content to turn that strategy into tangible outputs. While the content will change from brief to brief, this content may include blog posts, written interviews, internal and external newsletters, speeches, white papers, and thought pieces.

  • Media & PR for executive teams. We will secure high-profile, strategic media coverage of your executive leaders, putting their best foot forward. Our activity will include media training, interview pitching, op-ed pitching, and press release drafting and distribution. We work across TV, radio, podcast, online, and print platforms, and have especially strong relationships with global business and finance titles.

  • LinkedIn & social media management. We will directly manage your executive leaders' social media channels, with a special focus on LinkedIn, which is one of the best platforms for executive communications strategies. Our activity will include setting the strategy, audience growth, drafting content calendars, as well as coordinating engagement activity, such as liking and connecting with other senior leaders.

  • Multimedia production. We will produce, shoot, and edit executive-style thought-leadership videos, giving audiences not only a sense of your leaders' voice but a lens into their areas of expertise. Videos are a powerful way to engage audiences as they perform well on social media.

  • Speaking opportunities & awards for executives. We will identify and pitch your executive team for key events and awards that align with their positioning and strategic goals. We run this process end-to-end, including identifying target opportunities, pitching and drafting nominations, and seeing opportunities to completion.

Executive content done right.

As a specialist executive communications agency, we know the unique challenges and, indeed, opportunities faced by executives and senior business leaders.

We do everything we can to work around executives' busy diaries, taking as much of the work as possible off their hands. We aim to manage social media, content creation, and media engagement activity in a way that solves problems for execs rather than creates new challenges.

We have built brands for some of the most recognised international companies and CEOs. Source: Profile.

We are used to working with demanding, time-poor, and high-level executives. We also understand the top issues that drive discussions at the top of businesses, whether it's ESG, finance, digital transformation, leadership, or anything else besides.

We have worked with executive leaders at businesses of all shapes and sizes. So regardless of whether you're the CEO of a multinational manufacturing start-up or the founder of a high-growth tech start-up, we will be able to tailor our activity to your unique needs.

It was immediately obvious that they had deep experience supporting executives. They spoke the language, and they knew what was needed to get the best out of us.

Board member, FTSE 100 manufacturer

We are truly global in our approach. We are based in London, but operate across North America, the Middle East, and Asia. We are able to customise our approach to the needs of the individual market, and have strong media relationships in all territories.

End-to-end executive comms support.

To give you a taste, our executive comms experience includes...

Executive positioning • Executive branding • CEO branding • Narrative development • Insight generation • Media story generation • Press release drafting • Press release distribution • Interview pitching • Broadcast pitching • Comment article drafting • Internal comms • Video production • Executive production • Speaker pitching • Awards management • LinkedIn strategy

We understand PR & media for execs.

We were founded originally as a media relations agency, focused on securing our clients high-profile media coverage.

We have since developed into a full-service thought leadership and executive communication agency, providing everything that you might need to run a successful campaign.

Our experience spans all industries and we have coordinated campaigns for CEOs as well as full management teams. Source: Profile.

Our media heritage still feeds into all the work that we do for clients: we create distinctive, punchy content that will not only make the right impression with important audiences, but will have the potential to command people's attention and cut-through all the noise.

As well as having a nose for what makes a good media story, we have strong relationships with all the major international business titles. We also have particularly strong networks with the major trade titles, including the tech, finance, and consulting press.

Examples of executive communications.

We have worked with executive teams across the world and different industries, supporting them to achieve unique and specific objectives.

  • Consumer insurance provider. The executive team of a large tech-enabled insurance provider wanted to build up their own profiles in advance of a potential IPO, with a view to commanding the confidence of investors and driving up the potential value of the business.

  • Large Asia-based manufacturer. A significant manufacturer of phone sets in Asia wanted to build up the profile of their executives in MENA to support their focus on growth in the region as well as shore up confidence with potential partners, peers, regulators, and government stakeholders.

  • Global port owner. The owner of three major ports in North America wanted to showcase the progressive, innovative, experimental thinking of their executive team to support recruitment and HR activity.

  • UK-based further education provider. The CEO of a boutique FE provider in the UK wanted to develop a range of executive communication collateral, including blogs, media content, and internal communications, to support the end-to-end brand repositioning of the business as they moved to a digital-first model.

Our executive communications team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are specialists at working with CEOs and executives, but we are truly global in our capability. We are as comfortable running executive profiling campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for your executive profiling needs. We have worked with executives for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans traditional media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is executive profiling?

Executive profiling is the strategic process of elevating and showcasing the personal brand, thought leadership, and expertise of a company's leadership team. It involves creating compelling narratives, optimizing online presence, and leveraging various communication channels to maximise visibility and credibility among the target audience.

Why is executive profiling important?

Executive profiling is crucial because it strengthens your company's reputation, fosters trust among stakeholders, and helps attract business opportunities, talent, and partnerships. By showcasing the achievements and vision of your leadership team, you can humanise your brand, differentiate it from competitors, and create meaningful connections with your target audience.

Why can't my existing team do executive profiling?

While your existing team might have some PR and marketing expertise, executive profiling requires specialised knowledge, experience, and a dedicated focus on promoting leaders within your organisation. Partnering with Profile, an agency with a unique focus on executive profiling, ensures that you receive tailored strategies and the expertise needed to elevate your leadership team effectively.

Why can't I do this on my own?

Managing executive profiling on your own can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly when trying to juggle your core business responsibilities. By partnering with Profile, you gain access to our experienced professionals, industry knowledge, and resources, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities while we expertly manage your executive profiling strategy.

What are the costs involved?

The costs associated with executive profiling can vary based on the scope of the project, specific services required, and the duration of the engagement. We offer customised packages tailored to your needs and budget, ensuring you receive maximum value and return on investment. During our no-obligation strategy call, we can provide a detailed cost breakdown based on your requirements.

Why are you the best agency for executive profiling?

Profile is the best agency for executive profiling because of our unique focus on promoting the people within companies, extensive experience, and comprehensive, full-service PR offerings. Our dedicated teams are experts in social media & digital strategy, PR & media engagement, strategy & positioning, and multimedia production, ensuring your executive profiling needs are met with results-driven support. Our proven track record in managing successful executive profiling campaigns ensures your leadership team receives the attention and results it deserves.

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