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Profile is an award-winning strategic communications agency that builds the profiles of company leaders in positive, proactive, and creative ways.

We are an award-winning strategic communications agency. We run high-impact campaigns that build the profiles of company leaders and leadership teams in creative ways.

We operate at the fast-moving intersection of multimedia, social media, and print coverage. We believe that a company's leaders need to be visible where audiences are consuming content, and that is increasingly online through digital media, video, and podcasts.

Our experience.

We have built the profiles of the world's best-known entrepreneurs, executive, and senior individuals. For more than a decade, we have run dynamic campaigns for members of The Sunday Times Rich List and Forbes Billionaires' List, drawing on our in-house creative team and global contacts. Read more →

Our mission.

We need fresh business voices with new ideas. Although the challenges facing the planet have never been so severe or urgent, we believe that our innovative entrepreneurs have the ideas to overcome them. We just need to hear them. Read more →

Our team.

We are an agency of creative specialists who believe in the power of expertise. Our agency is split into teams of skill-based specialists, whether it's media engagement, copywriting, social media, or video production, who stay at the cutting-edge of their field. Read more →

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