We are Profile, a high-growth thought leadership agency. We're a team of creative experts working across PR, social media, & multimedia.

We are a comms agency with global ambitions. As a team, we are growing an international agency that specialises in thought leadership.

We are not afraid to go against the grain. While the rest of the industry has doubled down on bland corporate PR, we have carved out a name for ourselves as specialists in thought leadership.

We're always looking for new team members, whether graduates or career professionals. Source: Profile.

Working at Profile.

It's difficult to pull back the curtain at Profile – because there is no average day. Every day is different. Every client is unique.

  • Our media & PR team works day-in, day-out to secure high-profile strategic media coverage.

  • Our social media team ensures our clients' ideas are spoken about on LinkedIn & elsewhere.

  • Our multimedia team creates engaging video content that showcases our clients' expertise in the most compelling way.

But, at the same time, we believe PR is a team sport. Our specialists work hand-in-hand to deliver high-impact campaigns across all channels at the same time.

We operate from our London HQ, just a stone's throw from Fleet Street. Source: Profile.

Benefits of working at Profile.

  • High-profile clients & projects. You will work with high-profile clients globally, giving you the opportunity to cut your teeth on projects that make a genuine difference.

  • Learning & development budget. You will be given a dedicated learning & development budget to invest in upgrading your skills and network.

  • Responsibility. You will be trusted from Day One, allowing you to develop your skills & experience. We do not believe in layers of unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • Direct client contact. You will work with clients directly. Unlike some agencies, we work directly with CEOs & senior leaders, providing them with high-level strategic advice.

  • Supportive & hands-on team. You will be surrounded by a team of supportive technical experts, with decades of experience operating at the forefront of PR & global communications.

  • Global travel opportunities. You will have the opportunity to travel across the UK, Europe, and the world to support our growing global client base.

Ultimately, you will work with an agency that is recognised as the very best at what it does, putting you in a strong position for your future career.

We want to create a place where it's possible to do the very best work of our careers. The most challenging work. The most demanding work. The most impactful work.

Client Director, Sam Patchett

Our culture.

  • Action. We don't waste our team's time or clients' investment non endless strategy. We get stuck in & start taking immediate action from the get-go.

  • Trust. We don't micromanage our team nor second-guess their decisions. We trust our team to make the best decisions for our clients & back them to the hilt.

  • Innovation. We don't just repeat the same process time & again. We are constantly throwing jelly at a wall to find better ways to do things.

  • Results. We don't just grind out work for the sake of it. We do things that deliver concrete results for our clients – & if it doesn't get us closer to a result, we do not do it.

  • Enterprise. We don't apologise for working with entrepreneurs who have built businesses from scratch. We believe that enterprise & business is a positive force for good in the world.

  • Courage. We don't avoid difficult topics with clients nor sugarcoat inconvenient truths. We are upfront, honest, & candid, telling them what they need to hear when others don't have the courage.

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