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Multimedia production

Profile produces editorial-led videos and podcasts that turn your insights into visually rich, shareable content.

Multimedia content is now a necessity on the Internet. Not only is it more engaging and consumable, but it is also inherently more shareable.

At Profile, we have built a specialist multimedia team, responsible for crafting high-impact multimedia content that connects with your audiences – whether it's a 30-second video for social media or a 30-minute podcast for the commute.

Multimedia strategy.

We find the right multimedia content for your audience. Different audiences consume different types of multimedia. No one size fits all. Whether it's investors, customers, or employees, we know the type of content that will connect with your audience best.

High-impact video.

We create beautiful videos with a power to move your audiences in new ways. Not only are videos becoming increasingly ubiquitous on social media, they are being given increasingly prominence on search engines too. We translate your insights into visually attractive stories that stick with your audience.

Lean back podcasts.

We produce podcasts that give voice to your unique insights. Podcast have become the go-to form for extended discussions, blending information with entertainment. We are constantly challenging ourselves to use the format in new and creative ways.

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