B2B thought leadership.

We run high-impact thought leadership campaigns for B2B businesses, blending media coverage, social media, and multimedia content.

We have worked with b2b businesses of all sizes to run thought-leadership, PR, & content creation campaigns. Our expertise spans strategy, public relations, content creation, multimedia production, and social media.

Thought leadership is one of the best ways to strategically raise your profile, highlighting your company's expertise and experience to customers, investors, partners, and other audiences.

Thought leadership marketing & thought leadership content is an especially powerful tool in the B2B sector, as many businesses engage other service providers for their know-how and insight. Many B2B buyers pick suppliers and service providers based on their insights and profile in the industry.

We are experts at executing b2b thought leadership campaigns. Credit: Profile.

We are a full-service thought leadership agency, meaning that we look after all aspects of thought leadership campaigns from end-to-end, including strategic positioning, content creation & production, as well as getting it into the hands of your audience.

Our research also shows that thought leadership campaigns help businesses grow faster, recruit better, raise more investment, and even command a higher valuation.

B2B thought leadership services.

We manage thought leadership campaigns for business-to-business (b2b) firms from start to finish. We are able to slot alongside your existing systems and agencies to add value where we are most needed, whether that's strategy, PR & media, multimedia, or something else besides.

Our work spans thought leadership strategy all the way through to execution.

  • Thought leadership strategy. We will find a credible thought leadership angle to build your profile around. This angle will be relevant, timely, and dovetail with your business priorities. This will usually result in a list of topics to discuss as part of the thought leadership campaign, and may also include undertaking research, developing a tone of voice, and identifying your target audience.

  • B2B content, white papers, & blogs. We will translate that strategy and your insights in a blend of different engaging thought leadership content, including blog posts, website content, social media content, thought pieces, white papers, case studies, and much else besides. Our competency includes scoping out the topic for content, drafting prose, identifying supporting statistics, creating support graphics, and publishing the final content.

  • PR & media for B2B businesses. We will secure high-profile, highly relevant media & press coverage for your business and executive team across all forms of global media. Our pitching activity and support spans TV, radio, online, print, and trade coverage, and we have particularly strong relationships with the global finance & media press. We also work on a regular basis with the major trade publications across different sectors.

  • LinkedIn & social media for B2B businesses. We will manage your social media channels end-to-end, writing, posting, and promoting content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and elsewhere that showcases your insights in the most engaging and compelling way. Our support extends to running accounts for B2B businesses as well as leading executives within these businesses.

  • Speaking opportunities & awards in the B2B sector. We conduct comprehensive research into the leading awards and speaking opportunities in your B2B segment, with a view to putting you forward for relevant, targeted opportunities. Our support will include identifying opportunities, drafting pitches and nominations, and seeing all opportunities to completion.

  • Videos for thought leadership. We will create punchy multimedia content to add depth to your thought leadership profile and showcase your insights in a visual way. Our expertise spans video, photography, and podcast production. Multimedia content is also one of the most effective ways to cut-through on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

We understand b2b businesses.

We have worked with b2b businesses for more than a decade. We know the unique needs and requirements for an effective b2b thought leadership campaign, and the importance of getting the tone and style right for your audience.

We have worked with leading companies and start-ups across different industries. Source: Profile.

We have worked with b2b companies across almost all industries. So, whether you're a tech start-up operating in the SaaS space, or a large multinational consultancy or law firm, we know what will work best for you and your business.

We also understand the unique needs of b2b businesses. So, whether you are investing in thought leadership to support lead generation, brand awareness, recruitment, or other purposes, we are able to customise a programme of work to your individual needs.

We wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest of the field. We know that our expertise and insight was our main differentiator, but we didn't know how to show that to our customers and partners. Profile ran a campaign that delivered on all our KPIs.

VP, Big 4 consulting firm

We are truly global in our approach. We are specialists in thought leadership rather than specialists in a single geography. We have supported b2b companies in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere around the world.

Deep knowledge of b2b media coverage.

We started out as a specialist media relations agency, focused on securing high-profile, strategic media coverage. We have since evolved into a full-suite thought leadership agency, with content creation capabilities across blogs, podcast, video, and social media.

They understand the media. It's not just their journalist relationships, it's their intuitive sense of how to put together a story that will interest the media.

Founder, B2B manufacturer

But our heritage as a media relationship agency continues to run through our DNA: we ensure that all the content that we craft has a strong, punchy angle with the ability not only to command the attention of the media, but your most important audiences as well.

We also have strong, deep relationships with almost all wings of the global trade press, whether it's finance, industrials, tech, professional services, or anything else besides. And if we don't know the individual journalists, we will be able to sharpen a story to engage them.

One-stop for b2b thought leadership.

To give you a taste, our thought leadership support includes...

Thought leadership strategy • Executive positioning • Narrative development • Leadership branding • Executive photography • Multimedia production • Podcast production • Executive videos • CEO media training • Spokesperson training • B2B press release drafting • Media and interview pitching • Coverage generation • TV and radio pitching • LinkedIn strategy • Twitter strategy • Social media management

We have run b2b thought leadership campaigns for more than a decade. Credit: Profile.

We love b2b comms.

For more than 10 years, we have had the opportunity to support b2b companies of all sizes and types. Every company has a different priority and objective.

  • Global technology consultancy. A well-known global consultancy wanted to be positioned as an expert on digital transformation to build confidence among potential clients and drive in-bound interest in their services. This involved drafting a high-impact white paper, as well as publicising it across media and social media.

  • B2B SaaS platform. A specialist CRM software platform for healthcare businesses wanted to position themselves as the leading expert on data management and data privacy issues in the highly regulated healthcare sector, with a view to generating inbound interest.

  • US clothing manufacturer. A multinational retailer wanted to be positioned as a leading expert on ESG-compliant procurement & sustainable supply chains to support the ESG credentials of their business, reassure investors, as well as set themselves apart for retail businesses buying their products.

  • Medtech start-up. A fast-growth healthtech business wanted to be positioned as an experienced industry specialist with a maverick, disruptive streak in advance of a large Series C fundraise, both to generate more investment interest as well as push up the valuation of the business.

B2B thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at working with b2b firms and their executives, but we are truly global in our capability. We are as comfortable running thought leadership campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for your thought leadership requirements. We have worked with b2b firms for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans traditional media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is b2b thought leadership?

B2B thought leadership is the process of raising the profile of a business and its executive team through creating and distributing insight-led content.

Why is b2b thought leadership important?

Insight-led content is in high demand among businesses, so B2B thought leadership is a powerful way to market a B2B business and drive interest in its products and services.

What does b2b thought leadership involve?

A B2B thought leadership campaign will involve defining an insight-driven angles; turning that insight into a blend of content, usually across media, blog posts, research, reports, podcasts, and videos, and social media; and then getting that content in front of your target customers and clients.

What does b2b thought leadership cost?

The cost of a B2B thought leadership campaign will differ depending on the scope and intensity of the campaign. At Profile, our b2b thought leadership campaigns start from £4,500 per month, with a minimum 6-month contractual commitment.

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