Thought leadership videos.

We produce high-impact thought leadership videos to showcase your expertise. Our support includes pre-production, shoots, post-production, as well as driving video views.

We are experts at producing engaging thought-leadership videos. Our in-house multimedia team provides end-to-end support, including concept development, production, post-production, and getting your videos watched by the right people.

Videos are one of the most powerful ways to showcase your expertise.

A well-produced video is an tried-and-tested way to enrich your profile, whether you're an executive or a high-growth brand.

In fact, our research demonstrates that when stakeholders search for an individual's name or company's brand online, they are more likely to click on videos first – rather than articles, media coverage, or anything else.

Video are one of the most powerful ways to stand out as a thought leader. Credit: Profile.

Video services for thought leadership.

We provide turnkey thought leadership video services, meaning that we look after every aspect of video production from start to finish.

We provide everything that you need in a single place, meaning that you can sit back and focus on what you do best – providing strong, impactful industry insights.

  • Thought leadership video strategy. We will devise a video strategy, including finding topics as well as a visual style that works best for your target audience. This will include determining shoot locations, video length, content, and much else besides.

  • Video production for thought leadership. We will run video shoots from end-to-end, including booking studios, capturing all the content with our in-house team, scripting videos, managing the shoot on the day, and maximising the amount and variety of content we can capture in a single session.

  • Post-production & video editing for thought leadership. We will manage all post-production activity in-house, seeing all the thought leadership videos to completion. This includes editing, captioning, motion graphics, colour grading, and much else besides.

  • YouTube & LinkedIn video distribution. We will run campaigns to ensure that your thought leadership videos are viewed by your target audience, drawing on tactics such as SEO, YouTube management, LinkedIn campaigns, social media activity, PR & media pitching, and paid advertising.

We understand understand thought-leadership videos.

We are thought-leadership specialists with a dedicated in-house multimedia team. Over the last few years, we have coordinated, edited, and delivers hundreds, if not thousands, of video projects.

As a result, we have a deep, intimate understanding of what works best when it comes to video and multimedia content.

Profile really does understand video. They don't see multimedia as a mere 'add-on' to thought-leadership. They put it at the heart of their campaigns. Their videos were punchy but beautifully produced.

CIO, Investment manager

We work across all industries, and we are able to tailor our visual style to the needs of your audience. We know that a video for a finance firm needs to feel differently to a video for a tech start-up, and vice versa.

We have worked with clients at all experience levels. Whether you're a veteran on camera or a complete novice, we can give you the guidance, advice, and hand-holding to make sure that the video content we create puts your best foot forward.

The only agency you need for LinkedIn thought leadership.

To give you a taste, our thought leadership video experience includes...

Video strategy • Scripting • Site scouting • Venue booking • Video shooting • On-site production • Visual style development • Media training • Sound design • Editing • Motion graphics • Captioning • Animation • YouTube management • LinkedIn management • Video SEO

Video is a powerful, effective way to stand apart through thought leadership campaign. Credit: Profile.

Examples of video thought leadership.

We were one of the first thought-leadership agencies to launch a dedicated in-house multimedia team, recognising the growing potential of video content.

This means that over recent years we have worked with a large variety of clients with different objectives.

  • Fund manager focused on listed equities. A fund manager at a large investment firm wanted to leverage video to give their opinion and take on market trends on a regular, ongoing basis, with a view to engaging both existing and potential clients.

  • Partner at a US VC firm. A partner at a large US venture capital company wanted to use thought-leadership videos to position himself as an ally to entrepreneurs and start-up founders, providing them with practical, hands-on tips on how to manage and scale their businesses.

  • Independent supply chain expert. A consultant specialising in supply-chain digitalisation wanted to leverage thought-leadership videos to dominate search results for key questions that potential clients might search on Google about supply-chain management, with a view to driving sales leads.

  • Head of recruitment at a major retailer. The Head of HR and Talent Acquisition at a national retailer wanted to create a large number of videos of different staff members to showcase what it was like to work at the company, with a view to attracting talent as well as supporting their broader recruitment strategy.

Video thought leadership

Video thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at shooting high-impact thought-leadership videos for executives, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your video thought-leadership needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What are thought leadership videos?

Thought leadership videos are a way of establishing your credibility and expertise in a sector through video content. These videos showcase your expertise through you showing your talking about key topics, trends, and issues, as well as giving practical, hands-on advice.

Why are thought leadership videos important?

Our research has shown that when given the option, audiences prefer to watch videos over reading content, articles, or coverage. This means that thought leaders who produce and publish videos are more likely to stand out from the crowd.

What does producing thought leadership videos involve?

The key parts of producing thought leadership videos include setting the topic of the video, scripting the video, determining the visual style, and shooting the video itself. After shooting the video, you may then want to make the video more engaging by using editing techniques, such as motion graphics, animation, and captioning.

What does producing thought leadership videos cost?

The cost of producing a thought leadership video can vary depending on the length of the video and the intensity of the support required. At Profile, we producing videos as part of our thought leadership support packages, which start from £4,500 per month.

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