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We run high-impact thought leadership campaigns & PR activity for professional services firms, spanning law, accountancy, and all forms of advisory.

We have more than a decade of experience working with professional services clients & individual advisors to coordinate their thought leadership activity, spanning strategy, content creation, PR & media, social media, and multimedia.

Thought leadership content & targeted PR activity is a powerful way to stand out as a world-class professional advisor. Thought leadership campaigns are about showcasing the depth of your experience and insight as a company or individual.

Our corporate thought leadership expertise spans positioning, PR, social media, and multimedia. Credit: Profile.

This approach is especially powerful because in professional services because clients engage with firms and individual specialists for their technical knowledge, insights, and industry-leading perspective. As a result, it makes sense to market yourself and your business on the basis of that know-how.

We are a full-service agency, meaning that we have everything needed to run a fully-fledged thought leadership campaign in a single place, whether that is strategic insight generation, content creation capability, or media engagement savvy.

Our support and experience spans the full range of professional services, including accounting, law, architecture, engineering, and much else besides.

Thought leadership & PR for professional service firms.

We are able to tailor our thought leadership approach to your unique requirements, fitting in around your existing in-house and agency support system.

  • Thought leadership strategy for advisory firms. We will put in place the best thought leadership strategy for your individual need. This will usually involve scoping out your audience, identifying core topics and subjects for thought leadership activity, lasering in on the best types of content for your market, as well as developing a full, broad understanding of your objectives.

  • Content creation for professional services firms. We will translate this strategy into a blend of different content, including blog posts, articles, online interviews, white papers, research notes, thought pieces, and everything else besides. Each piece of content will do the job of establishing your insights and credibility in your particular area of expertise and activity.

  • PR & media support across the professional services trade press. We will secure appropriate, high-value coverage that profile the expertise and insights of your firm and individual company leaders in the most-relevant, target press. This might be the key accountancy, legal, engineering, architecture trade titles, or online and national publications that are reporting on these issues.

  • Multimedia content production to showcase your advisory insights. We will produce, shoot, and edit a blend of multimedia content to translate your industry insights into impactful, high-quality video content, which can be used on social media as well as to support media engagement work. Our capability spans executive photography, video production, and podcast production.

  • LinkedIn support for accountants, lawyers, & other advisors. We will coordinate your social media accounts, with a focus on LinkedIn, which is one of the best-performing platforms for thought-leadership marketing content. Our capability extending to managing and driving up engagement on both company accounts as well as the accounts of key executives within your firm. Our activity include drafting content calendars, optimising accounts, and driving up engagement.

  • Events, awards, & other strategic profiling activity. We will coordinate all other forms of strategic profiling, thought leadership, and PR activity to support your objectives. This may include identifying top events for speaking, singling out strategic awards, or even selecting networks and groups to leverage for strategic networking.

Everything you need as a professional service firm.

We know the professional services industry like the back of our hand, and we are able to develop strategies that get you as close to achieving your objectives as quickly as possible.

Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to work with almost every wing of the professional services industry, whether it's large sector like law and accountancy or more niche segments, like engineering and planning.

Our thought leadership has helped position professional advisory firms as true industry leaders. Source: Profile.

This means that we are able to get up to speed with your industry very quickly.

We also understand the unique requirements of professional services firms. In particular, technical accuracy and striking the right tone for you audience is of fundamental importance to professional advisors.

We craft engaging thought leadership & PR campaigns for all professional advisors. Source: Profile.

We know the language that you speak, and we're able to craft our content to meet your unique professional style, while injecting the right amount of personality and character into the prose to stand apart.

Media & PR for accountants, lawyers, and other advisors.

At heart, we are a media & PR agency first and foremost. More than a decade ago, we cut our teeth at the forefront of the media, securing and managing high-value coverage for our clients.

Since then, we have expanded our offering and built out our team to offer the full range of content creation and thought leadership services to include video production, LinkedIn content production, as well as content writing services.

We were a little worried about engaging with the media honestly. But they held our hand throughout the process, and we're over the moon with the results.

Managing Partner, accountancy practice

We bring our PR & media background to all the content that we produce: we want to ensure that all our content has the potential to genuinely command the attention of your audience, and that usually means ensuring that this content is telling a compelling, engaging story that will naturally interest them.

We understand professional services.

As a full-service thought leadership, PR, and content agency for professional services clients, here's a sampling of our services...

Insight generation • Thought leadership & PR strategy • Tone of voice development • Blog posts • White papers • Trade press pitching • Op-ed & comment article drafting • Press release drafting • Journalist introductions & engagement • LinkedIn strategy • Social media content • Video production • Podcast production • Executive photography • Speaking opportunities • Awards management

Examples of PR work for professional services clients.

  • Specialist maritime lawyer. A specialist in the highly complicated field of maritime law and regulation wanted to position themselves as an expert on international shipping disputes, with a view to raising their visibility in the market as well as supporting lead generation activity.

  • Global tax accountancy firm. A large multinational accountancy firm wanted to position themselves as a leader in managing the tax implications of cross-border M&A activity through a range of content, white papers, and blog posts to establish their name in their highly specialised area.

  • Engineering advisory firm. A US-based engineering consultancy wanted to produce a blend of different content on all channels to showcase their unique, specialist insights in building and constructing large water-based infrastructure, including docks, sea platforms, and otherwise, with a view to owning that niche segment.

  • Award-winning stadium architecture specialist. The world's leading expert on stadium infrastructure and design wanted to build their profile in the MENA region, with a particular focus on the Gulf, with a view to securing more contracts as governments in the region invest in more sporting infrastructure.

Professional services PR & thought leadership

Professional services team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at running professional services PR & comms campaigns, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a single place for your law, accountancy, and other advisory firm content needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is corporate thought leadership?

Corporate thought leadership is the process of raising the profile of a company brand through insight-driven content that positions the business as a leader within their sector. Effective corporate thought leadership can raise the profile of a business among customers, employee, investors, and other stakeholders.

Why is corporate thought leadership important?

Corporate thought leadership is a very effective way to drive awareness of a company (and position that business as an expert) among existing and potential customers, investors, recruits, and other stakeholders. In fact, our research shows that companies that are recognised as thought leaders recruit better, sell more, raise more investment, and grow faster.

What does corporate thought leadership involve?

The key parts of corporate thought leadership include setting the strategy; identifying topics; turning insights on those topics into content, such as articles, case studies, videos, and otherwise; and getting that content into the hands of your audience through PR, social media, and otherwise.

What does corporate thought leadership cost?

The cost of a corporate thought leadership campaign will vary with the breadth and intensity of the campaign. Campaigns with Profile start at £4,500 per month for a minimum of a 6-month period to make a difference.

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