Thought leadership PR.

We run high-impact thought leadership PR campaigns, blending strategy, media coverage, social media, and content creation.

We run high-impact thought leadership PR campaigns for multinationals, start-ups, and executives. Our work spans strategy, public relations, media coverage, social media, videos, and content creation.

Thought leadership is the best way to stand out, whether you're a fast-growth business or an established executive. Customers, talent, and investors are increasingly drawn to insight-driven content with a distinctive point of view.

In fact, our research shows that companies that are recognised as thought leaders grow faster, recruit better talent, raise more investment, and even command a premium on their valuation.

We have run thought leadership campaigns for the world's largest corporates. Credit: Profile.

Thought leadership PR services.

We run end-to-end thought leadership PR campaigns. Whether it's setting your strategy or getting you seen in the right places, we know the best way to achieve results and drive success.

  • Thought leadership PR strategy. We will identify a thought leadership angle or key insight that is not only timely and aligned with your business priorities, but has the 'cut through' to generate high-quality and relevant media coverage.

  • Thought leadership interviews and media coverage. We will secure top-tier, highly relevant and targeted coverage, which headlines on your insights and expertise. We will prepare you for all media interviews and engagements.

  • Broadcast and podcast coverage. We will secure interviews on premium broadcast channels, adding further depth to existing written coverage. Our reach covers TV, radio, and podcasts.

  • Thought leadership on LinkedIn and social media. We will launch thought-leadership campaigns on social media, developing, writing, and publishing engaging content on LinkedIn and other platforms to build your audience and drive engagement.

  • Thought leadership videos and photographs. We will produce engaging multimedia content to turn your insights in video, photographic, and podcast content that will support your media and social media campaigns.

We understand thought leadership PR.

We have run thought-leadership PR campaigns for more than a decade. We have a tried-and-tested method for building effective thought leadership campaigns for both businesses and individuals.

Over that time, we have worked with clients of all different types and sizes.

So, whether you're the CEO of a US global bank or a medtech start-up disrupting healthcare in Europe, we know how to turn you and your company into a recognised and respected thought leader.

It's clear that Profile knows how thought-leadership works. They didn't waste time with extended strategy sessions. They were hands on, practical, and starting delivering good results from Day One. Highly recommended.

Managing Partner, Law firm

We work globally. We have run thought-leadership PR campaigns in just about every continent, including Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We have global media relationships.

We are especially well-networked with global journalists at all the major business and finance publications.

One-stop for thought leadership PR.

To give you a taste, our thought leadership PR experience includes...

Thought leadership strategy • Coverage generation • Interview set-up • Narrative development • Leadership branding • Personal branding • Multimedia production • Podcast production • Spokesperson training • Press release writing • Press release distribution • Interview pitching • Online coverage • Print coverage • TV and radio pitching • LinkedIn strategy • Twitter strategy • Social media management

We have more than 10 years of experience running thought leadership campaigns. Credit: Profile.

We love thought leadership PR.

We are thought leadership PR specialists. We're unapologetic about our specialist focus. We have worked in this narrow segment for the last 10 years, and we are recognised worldwide as the market leader for this niche.

  • CEO of a regional bank. The CEO of a regional bank wanted to position themselves as a leading voice on the tech ecosystem and the unique needs of entrepreneurial businesses, with a view to growing their client-base among early-stage tech start-ups.

  • Leading satellite business. A multinational satellite business wanted to position themselves as a thought-leader on how to regulate space debris, with a view to influencing national and international policy, especially at the UN level.

  • Multinational law firm. A large corporate US law firm wanted to position themselves as a thought-leader on the fast-changing world of privacy legislation to coincide with the launch of their new data protection practice.

  • CTO of a tech unicorn. The CTO of a proptech start-up wanted to position themselves as a leader on agile software development to support recruitment in a hyper-competitive talent market.

Thought leadership PR team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are thought leadership PR experts, but we are truly global in our capability. We are as comfortable running thought leadership campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for your thought leadership PR needs. We have worked with leading companies and individuals for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans traditional media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is thought leadership PR?

Thought leadership PR is the process of building awareness for a company, brand, or individual through showcasing their insights and expertise. Usually, these insights are promoted through a combination of media coverage, social media activity, and multimedia content production.

Why is thought leadership important?

Thought leadership is a very powerful way to build awareness and set yourself apart from your competitors. Research undertaken by Profile has shown that companies who invest in thought leadership recruit better talent, grow faster, secure more investment, and even command higher valuations.

What is thought leadership content?

Thought leadership content is any insight-driven material that's created to showcase a company, brand, or indivdiual's expertise. Usually, this takes the form of written content, such as opinion pieces or research articles, but it can also be multimedia content, such as podcasts or videos.

What does a thought leadership PR agency do?

A thought leadership PR agency works with companies, brands, and individuals to coordinate and execute their thought leadership strategy. This activity can include defining the client's audience, objectives, and area of expertise; translating this into powerful and impactful content; and getting this into the hands of the right people through media outreach, social media activity, and potentially paid advertising.

How much does a thought leadership PR agency cost?

The cost of retaining a thought leadership PR agency depends on the intensity of the campaign. At Profile, a thought leadership PR campaign usually lasts for around 6 months and costs start from around £4,500 per month.

Do we need to retain a thought leadership PR agency?

While you might be able to execute elements of a thought leadership campaign yourself, this can be time-consuming and resource intensive. At Profile, we have social media, PR, and multimedia expertise under a single roof, meaning that we are able to conduct thought-leadership campaigns end-to-end in an efficient, cost-effective, and successful way.

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