LinkedIn thought leadership.

We specialise in running thought leadership campaigns on LinkedIn. Our support spans post writing, end-to-end profile management, and follower growth.

We are experts at running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns end-to-end. Our expertise includes positioning & strategy, content writing, refreshing LinkedIn profiles, and video production.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks. It is increasingly important for executives and CEO, entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, and experts to have strong, high-impact profiles.

Our research has shown that a top-performing LinkedIn profile drives business and personal results.

In fact, businesses whose leaders have strong LinkedIn profiles grow faster, secure more business, recruit better, and even raise more investment.

LinkedIn thought leadership campaigns should be simple, clear, and opinion-led. Credit: Profile.

LinkedIn thought leadership services.

As a thought-leadership specialist, we offer full-service LinkedIn support. We know what works – and we know what it takes to stand apart.

We provide everything that you need in one place, bringing together all the relevant expertise that you might need to run a LinkedIn growth campaign.

  • LinkedIn strategy and positioning. We will work with you to develop a positioning strategy for your personal LinkedIn that delivers on your specific goals.

  • LinkedIn profile optimisation. We will optimise your LinkedIn profile to increase findability and deliver on your priorities, whether that's higher engagement or follower growth. This includes refreshing your experience sections, header image, and profile image.

  • LinkedIn thought leadership content writing. We will draft all your posts, ensuring that your posts drive maximum engagement with your most important stakeholders while capturing your tone of voice.

  • LinkedIn engagement activity. We will use all the techniques and tactics at our disposal to drive up engagement on LinkedIn, whether that's commenting on other people's posts or contributing to Collaborative Articles.

  • LinkedIn multimedia content. We will secure high-impact, engaging multimedia content to post on LinkedIn, including photography, short thought-leadership videos, and podcast clips.

  • PR & media coverage for posting on LinkedIn. We will secure appropriate, relevant and high-profile media coverage for you, such as podcast interviews, which can then be posted on LinkedIn to build out your profile in a rounded way.

We understand LinkedIn thought-leadership.

As a specialist thought-leadership agency, we know what it takes to stand out on LinkedIn. Most importantly, we know how to deliver actual results rather than just churn out content for content's sake.

Profile understands LinkedIn. That was clear to me from Day One. They wrote top-quality content that felt authentic. But, more importantly, they were able to actually deliver results in terms of more followers.

Founder, Tech start-up

We have deep legs in almost every industry, having run LinkedIn campaigns across technology, finance, real estate, manufacturing, consultancy, and much else besides.

We always tailor our approach to different geographies, including tone and posting times. We know what works in the UK, USA, India, Dubai, and just about every other geography. Regardless of where you are in the world, we have you covered.

The only agency you need for LinkedIn thought leadership.

To give you a taste, our LinkedIn thought leadership experience includes...

Personal positioning • LinkedIn strategy • Tone of voice development • Insight development • LinkedIn photography • Thought leadership videos • Graphic design • LinkedIn management • LinkedIn connections strategy • Post drafting • Post scheduling • LinkedIn commenting • Collaborative Articles • Profile optimisation • Media coverage generation • Personal branding

LinkedIn thought leadership requires a completely different approach to X, Facebook, or Instagram. Credit: Profile.

LinkedIn thought leadership examples.

We have invested a lot of time and resource in becoming the go-to LinkedIn expert across the world. And this has given us exposure to a wide variety of clients who are looking to achieve different results.

  • Founder of a tech start-up. The founder of a well-known fast-growth fintech start-up wanted to build their profile on LinkedIn as a disruptive leader in financial services, with a view to building wider awareness of their business not only among customers but potential investors and recruits too.

  • CEO of listed manufacturer. The CEO of a manufacturing business listed on UK's AIM stock market wanted to build their LinkedIn presence, so that they could more actively and regularly communicate with their employees and investors to build confidence in their business and its strategy.

  • HR and talent acquisition consultant. An independent HR consultant wanted to build their presence on LinkedIn amongst other SMEs, specifically in North America, with a view to building a pipeline of sales opportunities and leads for their own sales activity.

  • Sales Director at an SME. The Sales Director at an employee wellbeing business with 10 team members wanted to grow their followers on LinkedIn, with a view to securing at least 5 new high-value, properly qualified leads on a weekly basis.

LinkedIn thought leadership

LinkedIn thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns for executives, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your LinkedIn thought-leadership content needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is LinkedIn thought leadership?

LinkedIn thought leadership is the process of building up your personal LinkedIn account through posting engaging content that positions you as a sector or industry expert. This content that include text posts, photographs, or even shorter LinkedIn videos.

Why is LinkedIn thought leadership important?

LinkedIn is one of the fast-growing social media networks and research shows that it is the most important network for securing and generating B2B leads. Effective thought-leadership on LinkedIn can help drive sales, recruitment, and business growth.

What does LinkedIn thought leadership involve?

The key parts of LinkedIn thought leadership include coming up with an area of expertise, developing a tone of voice that chimes with your core audience, as well as writing and posting regularly. An effective thought leadership campaign on LinkedIn will also generally include commenting on other people's posts, sponsoring posts, as well as creating videos and photographs specifically for LinkedIn.

What does LinkedIn thought leadership cost?

The cost of a LinkedIn thought leadership campaign will vary with the breadth and intensity of the campaign. Campaigns with Profile start at £4,500 per month for a minimum of a 6-month period to make a difference.

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