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Yunjie Zhou

Yunjie is a Social Media Executive at Profile, where she is responsible for coordinating social media campaigns and building clients' accounts.

Yunjie Zhou is the Digital Executive at Profile, where she is responsible for managing all clients' online presence, including social media channels, personal websites, online profiles, and search engine results.

Yunjie began her career in public relations at Profile. Before that, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at King's College London, where she combined her multimedia abilities with cultural studies and media industry studies.

Yunjie Zhou has always been passionate about the media and creative industry, before committing to public relations, she dabbled in advertising and event management through student internships at Ogilvy and Suzhou Broadcasting System.

Understanding tone of voice.

"I always try to get to know a new client as if I'm their friend, which means learning not only their business history, but also their passions and personalities. I try to understand how they would communicate their ideas without our advice. I try to capture their tone of voice, and style."

Creative freedom and experimentation.

"Having the opportunity to be creative and forward-thinking is one of my favorite things about the role. Our clients give us a fair degree of creative freedom, allowing us to design our own visual assets and trusting us to develop strategies based on our own judgement."

CEOs as company ambassadors.

"Traditionally, business leaders saw their responsibility solely through the lens of leading the companies using their business and management skills. They now also have to acknowledge their responsibilities as the face of the companies and and that they must grow the business by managing their own reputation."

Companies need personality.

"We're seeing more and more companies embracing a different public strategy where they try to establish a personality for the company, and what better way to establish a personality than by building visible leadership?"

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