Entrepreneur personal branding.

We create high-impact personal brands for entrepreneurs – combining design, strategy, public relations, social media, photography, and videos.

We create compelling personal brands for entrepreneurs and founders. We build strong personal brands through design, strategy, multimedia, social media, and media coverage.

As an entrepreneur, you are the main spokesperson for your business.

A strong entrepreneur brand is a powerful magnet – attracting customers, top talent, investment, partners, and much else besides. A strong personal brand should be part of your growth strategy.

Entrepreneur personal branding is a powerful way to drive company performance. Credit: Profile.

Branding for entrepreneurs.

We look after your personal brand from start to end, ensuring that your entrepreneur brand sets you apart from your peers. Our services cover everything from personal branding strategy to personal branding content creation.

  • Entrepreneur branding strategy. We will create an entrepreneur brand for you that helps you stand out from the crowd, supports your company's growth, builds your following among important audiences, and highlights your insights.

  • Entrepreneur photography and videos. We will capture strong visuals for you for use in public relations and social media activity, whether that's eye-catching photography or videos that showcase your thoughts and expertise.

  • Media coverage for entrepreneurs. We will secure you high-quality, strategic media coverage, targeting a blend of newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts, and websites, to support your personal branding. We will support you with media training throughout this process.

  • Social media for entrepreneurs. We will create, write, schedule, and post social media content that supports your personal brand. We specialise in LinkedIn but also work across X, Instagram, or other social networks.

We understand entrepreneurs.

We believe in the power of enterprise to improve the world, and we have had the opportunity to support well-known entrepreneurs around the globe.

The entrepreneurs we have worked with are behind internationally recognised brands. Credit: Profile.

So, whether you're an established serial entrepreneur or just at the start of your start-up journey, we know what it takes to create a distinctive personal brand.

They created a compelling personal brand for me. Most importantly, they captured my tone of voice perfectly. It also felt natural and never egotistical.

Founder, Beauty start-up

We work across all industries, so regardless of whether you're a founder in tech, financial services, FCMG, manufacturing, or something else besides, we have your back. We will tailor your entrepreneur brand to your unique needs and audience.

One-stop for entrepreneur branding.

To give you a taste, our entrepreneur branding experience includes...

Personal positioning • Leadership positioning • Entrepreneur photography • Videos for entrepreneurs • Media training • Press release drafting • Press release distribution • Entrepreneur interview pitching • Podcasts • Broadcast pitching • Speaking opportunities • Journalist network building • Media tracking • LinkedIn management • Twitter management • Social media for entrepreneurs • Graphic design • Website development

We have raised the profiles of leading entrepreneurs for more than a decade. Credit: Profile.

We love entrepreneurs.

We have worked alongside many of the world's best-known entrepreneurs, helping them build high-impact personal brands to achieve very specific and individual objectives.

  • Founder of fintech start-up. The founder of a high-growth fintech start-up wanted to brand themselves as a former-banker-turned-disruptor, with a view to enticing more recruits from the big banks to join the business.

  • MD of a consultancy start-up. The founder of an HR consultancy wanted to leverage LinkedIn to brand themselves as a expert on remote working to secure more clients and leverage their personal brand as a marketing channel.

  • Serial property entrepreneur backed by private equity. A serial entrepreneur wanted to brand themselves as the leading developer of scientific lab space, with view to identifying new acquisitions, land deals, and property development opportunities.

Our entrepreneur branding team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at branding entrepreneurs, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running personal branding campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs when it comes to personal branding. We have worked with founders and business-owners for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is entrepreneur personal branding?

Entrepreneur personal branding is the process of building a distinctive brand for a company's founder. This will usually involve a positioning workshop before turning that positioning into a blend of visual assets and other content.

Why is entrepreneur personal branding important?

Entrepreneurs with strong personal brands can help their businesses acquire new customers and grow faster. Many investors, customers, recruits, and other stakeholders are drawn to companies with well-known entrepreneur leaders.

What does entrepreneur personal branding involve?

The entrepreneur personal branding process will usually involve a branding workshop followed by content creation to turn this branding into something more substantial. This content will usually include graphic assets, media coverage, videos, photography, social media posts, and much else besides.

What does entrepreneur personal branding cost?

An entrepreneur personal branding campaign will vary in cost depending on the scale and intensity of the campaign. At Profile, our support starts from £4,500 per month with a minimum contract period of 6 months.

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