Legal thought leadership.

We run thought leadership campaigns for law firms and lawyers, leveraging our expertise in strategy, PR, social media, and multimedia.

We are a thought leadership agency with extensive experience supporting lawyers and legal firms. Our capability includes strategy, PR & media engagement, social media activity, as well as video production.

Thought leadership is a powerful tool for lawyers to build strong relationships and trust with potential clients, team members, and other stakeholders.

It is also a powerful way to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your technical knowledge.

As an agency, we have coordinated thought leadership campaigns for well-known and respected law firms as well as their lawyers, partners, and subject-specific experts.

We execute advice-led thought-leadership campaigns for law firms. Credit: Profile.

Our research shows that law firms led by prominent and well-known figures grow faster, recruit better talent, secure more partnerships, and win more business.

Legal thought leadership services.

As thought leadership specialists, we are able to support you with every aspect of your campaign. Our specialist teams span strategy, content creation, and content distribution.

  • Legal thought leadership strategy. We will identify the appropriate topics for legal thought leadership to strike the right tone with your audience. Our strategy development includes audience identification, defining your tone of voice, and finding the best routes to get in front of your core stakeholders, whether that's social media or traditional PR.

  • PR & media engagement for law firms. We will get your insights into the media and press, including the national and international papers; the trade press, such as the legal media, as appropriate; as well as the broadcast media, including TV and radio. We will provide hands-on media training to manage these press engagements in the best way possible.

  • Thought leadership on social media. We will put your social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, to best use to support your thought-leadership objectives as a lawyer or law firm. We proactively manage the LinkedIn accounts of both individual lawyers and firms themselves, setting the strategy, writing the content, and posting it at the best times.

  • Thought leadership videos for law firms. We will produce impactful, insight-driven videos that give your experts the opportunity to showcase their expertise in a visual and engaging format. This will usually take the form of an interview about trending topics in your industry, which can then be repackaged as short-form content for YouTube and LinkedIn.

We love thought leadership for law firms.

As one of the first agencies to focus on thought-leadership, we have built extensive experience across the legal sector, working with Managing Partners all the way down to paralegals.

We have experience across corporate, international, employment, property, family, private client, IP, public, and pretty much every type of legal support. We have also worked with independent legal specialists and arbitrators.

They just get it. I didn't ever have to explain anything twice. There was no friction. They started creating stellar content from Day One, which led to great coverage and a strong flow of inbounds.

IP lawyer

Regardless of where you operate in the legal ecosystem, we know how to tailor our campaigns to your specific audience.

We are also truly global in our approach, and we're as familiar with the legal press in North America as we are in UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

Full-service solutions for legal thought leadership.

To give you a sense of our support, here are some of the thought-leadership services we provide to law firms...

Thought leadership angle identification • Legal topic brainstorming • Research & analysis • Thought leadership strategy • Op-ed pitching • Op-ed drafting • Press release writing • Content writing • Press release distribution • Interview pitching • Media training • Media coverage generation • Social media strategy • LinkedIn content writing • LinkedIn audience growth • Multimedia strategy • Video production • Executive photography • SEO

Our thought leadership expertise for law firms spans PR & media, social media, and multimedia production. Credit: Profile.

Example of legal thought-leadership.

We have worked in thought-leadership for more than a decade, meaning that we have supported companies across the full spread of the legal ecosystem with various objectives.

  • Private client lawyer. A leading international private client lawyer wanted to establish their name as a specialist on family succession events and family charters, with a view to substantiating their credibility to potential clients as well as raising their profile in the broader private client industry.

  • Magic Circle law firm. A leading Magic Circle law firm wanted to boost their employer brand by showcasing their credentials on ESG and diversity through profiling how Partners within the firm were leading industry-wide initiatives on this front to increase the quality, range, and depth of applications from both trainee and senior lawyers.

  • Boutique private equity law firm. A specialist US law firm that specialised in supporting private equity firms with buy-outs wanted to raise their profile through the launch of a Tech Private Equity Index, which tracked trends for private equity in the mid-market technology market, with a view to building brand recognition among target companies.

  • International arbitrator. A leading international arbitrator working between London and Switzerland wanted to raise their profile as the go-to arbitrator-of-choice for energy, mining, and commodity companies.

Legal leadership marketing team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are thought leadership experts for law firms, but we are truly global in our capability. We are as comfortable running thought leadership campaigns in London and Los Angeles – as we are in Singapore and Santiago.

We are a one-stop-shop for your legal thought leadership needs. We have worked with leading companies and individuals for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans traditional media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is legal thought leadership?

Legal thought leadership is to process of raising the profile of either a law firm or an individual lawyer by showcasing their expertise on a highly technical topic.

Why is legal thought leadership important?

Legal thought leadership is a powerful way to showcase your unique expertise as a lawyer, meaning that you're more likely to command confidence with existing and potential clients.

What does a legal thought leadership campaign include?

The key parts of legal thought leadership campaign will include identifying key topics for content creation; turning your legal insights on these topics in engaging content, such as case studies, articles, and video; and, finally, getting this content into the hands of the right people through a blend of social media activity and PR.

How much does a legal thought leadership agency cost?

The cost of retaining a thought leadership marketing as a law firm depends on the intensity of the campaign. At Profile, a thought leadership content campaign usually lasts for around 6 months and costs start from around £4,500 per month.

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