Healthcare thought leadership.

We run thought leadership campaigns for health, pharma, medical, and life sciences companies. We work across PR, social media, & multimedia.

We are a thought leadership agency with extensive experience in the healthcare, pharma, and life sciences industries. Our capabilities include strategic, PR & media engagement, social media activity, and video production.

In the healthcare, pharma, and medical sectors, thought-leadership is a powerful way to build visibility and confidence among key audiences, including patients, partners, team members, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Our research shows that healthcare organisations led by individuals with strong industry profiles grow faster, secure more partnerships, raise more investment, and recruit better talent.

We support both leading healthcare executives and companies to build their profiles through thought-leadership activity.

Healthcare firms with visible, recognised CEOs perform better on almost all metrics. Credit: Profile.

Thought leadership services for healthcare and pharma companies.

Our business is separated across specialist divisions, comprising PR & media engagement, social media, and multimedia. We can provide all the services that you might need as a healthcare or life sciences company in a single, unified place.

  • Health thought leadership strategy. We will work with you to identify a compelling and topical angle for your thought-leadership content. This angle will align with your ultimate business objectives, appeal to your core audience, and accommodate any news you may have coming down the track, such as commercial announcements or new appointments.

  • PR & media engagement with the health & pharma media. We will secure appropriate and high-value press coverage. The focus of this press engagement may be the healthcare, medical, life sciences, and pharma press – or national titles to generate widespread awareness and visibility. We may also want to add on broadcast interviews, such as podcasts, radio, or TV.

  • Social media activity. We will coordinate social media for health thought leaders, with a principle focus on LinkedIn, to generate visibility and influence among your target audience. That will include drafting high-impact social media posts, publishing them at appropriate times, and growing your engagement rate.

  • Thought leadership video for healthcare leaders. We will produce, shoot, and edit video content that positions you as an influential voice in the healthcare industry. This will involve creating short, insight-driven videos about the industry, with the potential to perform well online, especially on professional platforms such as LinkedIn.

We understand thought leadership in healthcare.

We are thought leadership specialists with more than a decade of experience representing individuals and companies working across the health ecosystem.

The companies and CEOs we work with have a global impact. Source: Profile.

We have had experience with most, if not all, segments of the healthcare industry, including primary care, dental, pharma, life sciences, allied health, medtech, pharmacy, lab work, and eldery care.

We wanted to appeal to major healthcare equipment buyers. They picked the right subject for the campaign, and they drove a huge amount of coverage. They are a safe pair of hands.

COO, Medical equipment manufacturer

In a world that is saturated with thought-leadership content, we know what it takes to stand apart from the rest of the crowd – and grab the attention of your core audience.

We have worked with healthcare professionals at all levels of their organisations around the world. Whether you're the CEO of a medtech start-up in San Francisco or surgeon in London, we know what will work for you best.

Comprehensive support for the healthcare industry.

To give you a sense of our support, here are some of the core services that we provide to medical clients...

Healthcare insight generation • Positioning strategy • Tone of voice development • Content writing • Content creation • Media engagement • Press release pitching • Press release distribution • Coverage generation • Interview pitching • Broadcast pitching • Podcast pitching • Video planning • Video production • LinkedIn post drafting • LinkedIn growth

Our health thought-leadership campaigns integrate PR, social media, and multimedia content. Credit: Profile.

Example of healthcare thought leadership.

As one of the first dedicated thought-leadership agencies globally, we have had the opportunity to support a broad range of healthcare clients looking to achieve very different objectives.

  • Specialist pharmaceutical drug developer. A specialist drug developer wanted to showcase their expertise in the emerging area of AI/big data-driven drug discovery through highlighting the unique insights of their leadership team, with a view to managing perceptions among customers, team members, and investors.

  • Founder of a medtech start-up. The founder of an online healthcare appointment platform wanted to raise their profile among doctors (and other healthcare providers) through highlighting their insights on the ways that remote healthcare provision could improve outcomes for patients as well as lower costs for private (and public) healthcare providers.

  • HR Director at a hospital. The HR Director at a healthcare trust wanted to run a dynamic thought-leadership campaign that showcased that primary care was a rewarding career for school leavers, with a view to benefiting their own recruitment channels as well as being seen to support the wider industry.

  • Head of Sales at a medical equipment manufacturer. The leadership team at a leading international equipment manufacturer wanted to showcase their expertise on the design, production, and manufacture of cutting-edge healthcare equipment to support their entry into new territories, especially North America and East Asia.

Healthcare thought leadership

Healthcare thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at shooting high-impact thought-leadership campaigns for healthcare companies, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your thought-leadership needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is healthcare thought leadership?

Healthcare thought leadership is the process of raising your profile as a healthcare company, specialist, or executive through showcasing your insights on the healthcare industry.

Why are thought leadership important for healthcare businesses?

Thought leadership is a powerful way to built your credibility as a business or individual. This is especially important in the healthcare, medical, and pharma industries where trust is at a real premium.

What does producing healthcare thought leadership involve?

The key parts of a healthcare thought leadership campaign include identifying a key topic for thought leadership; generating insights on this topic to be turned into compelling content, including case studies, articles, and video content; and getting this content in front of your target audience through a blend of PR, advertising, and social media.

What does producing thought leadership videos cost?

The cost of producing a thought leadership campaign for healthcare companies can vary depending on the length of the video and the intensity of the support required. At Profile, we producing videos as part of our thought leadership support packages, which start from £4,500 per month.

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