Financial services thought leadership.

We run thought-leadership campaigns for financial services & investment companies, blending strategy, PR, social media, and multimedia production.

We are a thought-leadership agency, with experience supporting financial services, investment, and asset management companies. Our support includes strategy, PR & media engagement, social media, and video production.

Thought leadership is a powerful way to stand apart from your competition, establish your credibility, and build trust with your core audience – whether that's customers, investors, team members, regulators, or other key stakeholders.

Our research shows that financial firms led by recognised thought leaders grow faster, raise more investment, recruit better talent, and even command a valuation premium.

We have supported financial services firms with their thought-leadership needs for more than a decade. Credit: Profile.

We run thought-leadership campaigns for individuals and companies active in the financial services, insurance, and asset management industries.

Thought leadership for investment companies.

We provide end-to-end thought leadership services to companies active in the financial services industry, meaning that we can provide you with specialist, on-demand support at every step of the thought-leadership cycle.

  • Thought leadership strategy. We will work with you to develop the best thought-leadership strategy to highlight your financial & investment expertise, identify topical subjects for comment, define an appropriate tone of voice for your core audience, and align activity with any corporate news that you have coming down the track.

  • Financial PR & media engagement. We will secure appropriate, strategic, and high-value media coverage to build trust among your target audiences. Our targets for media engagement may include international financial titles; trade titles that cover specific industries, such as wealth management, insurance, and advisory; as well as broadcast platforms, such as TV, radio, and podcasts.

  • Social media for financial services firms. We will coordinate social media activity for financial thought leadership campaigns, with a focus on LinkedIn. Our activities include social media strategy, drafting high-impact LinkedIn posts, creating bespoke graphics, and driving follower growth.

  • Videos & multimedia for investment thought leadership. We will plan, produce, shoot, and edit videos that showcase your market insights, creating short, impactful multimedia content for publication and promotion on YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Video content is one of the best ways to drive trust with audiences.

We understand financial thought leadership.

We have coordinated thought-leadership campaigns for more than a decade. Over that time, we have worked with individuals at all levels of the financial services industry – from the CEOs of international banks to specialist financial consultants.

We can develop highly tailored thought-leadership plans for you – regardless of where you operate in the financial and investment ecosystem.

They have a deep and extensive understanding of finance. They understood the tone that would appeal to our audience, and they started generating quality coverage quickly.

CIO, Boutique wealth manager

We have extensive networks within the financial services press around the world, and we have supported clients on almost every continent.

We are as comfortable supporting clients in North America and the Middle East as we are in Europe.

Our thought leadership offering for financial services.

To give you a sense of the breadth of our support for financial service companies, here is an overview of our capabilities...

Positioning • Insight generation • Insurance, finance, & wealth industry insight generation • Tone of voice development • Thought leadership strategy • Press release drafting • Press release distribution • Media engagement • Interview pitching • Interview management • Broadcast pitching • Podcast pitching • LinkedIn strategy • Social media post drafting • Video production • Executive photography

Our financial thought leadership capability spans PR, social media, and multimedia. Credit: Profile.

Financial services thought leadership in action.

We have had the opportunity to coordinate thought leadership campaigns for financial services companies pursuing a diversity of different objectives.

  • Fund manager at a wealth manager. A fund manager wanted to establish their name as a leading figure in the identification of undervalued stocks in the UK junior market, with a view to raising their visibility amongst investors; institutional players, such as pension funds; and the wider investment ecosystem.

  • International reinsurance giant. A global reinsurance business wanted to establish their credentials in the Asia market by launching a new reinsurance index in the region to highlight key trends, annual statistics, and important changes in the market, with a view to raising their profile among potential customers, regulators, and other stakeholders.

  • High-growth FX specialist. A high-growth tech-enabled currency brokerage wanted to establish themselves as a leader on managing FX risk among start-ups and SMEs that traded internationally, with a view to boosting their sales effectiveness, generating more inbound leads, and increasing their brand recognition among target customers.

  • Quantitative investment manager. A data-driven hedge fund wanted to position themselves at the cutting-edge of algo-trading and investment research, with a view to poaching top talent from their competitors as well as attracting applications from the very top international science and mathematics graduates.

Financial services thought leadership

Finance thought leadership team.

Why clients choose Profile.

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We are experts at running thought-leadership campaigns for financial services & investment companies, but we are truly global in our reach. We are as comfortable running LinkedIn thought-leadership campaigns in London and Louisville – as we are in Seoul and San Paulo.

We are a one-stop-shop for your investment thought-leadership content needs. We have worked with C-Suite leaders for more than a decade, and our award-winning experience spans media, social media, and multimedia.


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What is financial thought leadership?

Financial thought leadership is the process of raising your profile as a financial or investment company or executive by sharing your insights on the market. This is usually done through creating a blend of content that showcases your insights on financial matters.

Why is thought leadership important for financial services firms?

Thought leadership is a very powerful way to build credibility and trust with customers, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders. This is especially importance in the financial services industry where trust is at a premium.

What does financial thought leadership involve?

The key parts of a financial thought leadership campaign identifying a topic for the production of insight-driven content; turning those financial insights into content, including articles, case studies, and videos; and getting that content into the hands of your core audience, usually through a blend of social media and PR.

What does financial thought leadership cost?

The cost of a thought leadership campaign for a financial services company will vary with the breadth and intensity of the campaign. Campaigns with Profile start at £4,500 per month for a minimum of a 6-month period to make a difference.

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