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We run end-to-end thought leadership & PR campaigns for healthcare & life sciences clients, blending strategy, content creation, social media, & media coverage.

We run high-impact thought leadership campaigns for healthcare firms and business leaders, blending content creation, PR & media engagement, social media activity, and multimedia production.

Thought leadership is a powerful tool for healthcare, pharma, and life sciences businesses – and their executive teams. Thought leadership can give you and your company an edge when it comes to generating awareness as well as sending the right type of message to your key audiences.

In healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences, trust is at a significant premium. Leveraging thought leadership enables you to raise your profile as a company or individual on the basis of your industry know-how, insights, and experience.

Our healthcare thought leadership expertise spans positioning, PR, social media, and multimedia. Credit: Profile.

It enables to market yourself in the right way – without coming across as promotional.

The benefits of healthcare thought leadership.

An effective, well-organised thought leadership campaign puts you in a strong position to command the confidence of stakeholders and build credibility amongst your most important audiences, whether that's investors, patients, healthcare professionals, regulators, end-users, or researchers.

In fact, our research shows that companies that are recognised as leaders within their fields recruit better talent, raise more investment (at a better valuation), and grow faster.

We support businesses across the full spread of the healthcare ecosystem, including primary care providers, insurance companies, scientists, researchers, and much else besides.

We have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the industry, and we're able to tailor our approach to wherever you sit in the industry.

Thought leadership for healthcare firms.

We are a full-service thought leadership & PR agency, meaning that we can support you across the board.

  • Thought leadership strategy for healthcare firms. We will set the strategy for your thought leadership campaign, whether you're active in primary care, pharma, or life sciences research. This will usually involve identifying core topics for commentary (based on what is being discussed within your sector), lasering in on your core audience, and establishing your tone of voice.

  • Content creation across pharma and life sciences. We will translate this strategy into high-quality, engaging healthcare content that puts your best foot forward. This may involve writing various forms of content on a consistent basis, including blog posts, website interviews, white papers, case studies, and much else besides.

  • PR & media coverage for the medical industry. We will secure you appropriate, strategic media coverage that positions you as a real leader in your segment of the healthcare industry. This may involve pitching op-eds and comment articles to industry and trade websites and publications, or coordinating pitching activity across the national, international, and broadcast press.

  • LinkedIn & social media support for life sciences leaders. We will amplify all our work across your social media channels and we have particular expertise in managing and proactively growing LinkedIn accounts, both for businesses and individual executives in the wider healthcare sector. In all cases, we focus on building visibility among the right people, and not just the mass public-at-large.

  • Video and multimedia for healthcare firms. We will diversify the type of content for your thought leadership campaign by capturing, producing, and editing impactful videos, usually in the form of short thought-leadership snippets that can leveraged for media engagement or on social media. We will also capture new executive photography of your key team members to support our media engagement work.

We love healthcare, pharma & life sciences.

We have worked in the healthcare and life sciences for more than a decade. Over that time, we have worked with companies across every part of the sector, which means that we can get up to speed with your business very quickly.

We understand the key objectives that drive healthcare businesses, whether that's increasing engaging with the healthcare buyers, shaping the opinions of regulators, engaging with end-users, or something else besides.

We are able to shape our healthcare thought leadership programmes around your unique, individual needs.

We have led campaigns for companies & executive leaders across various industries, including healthcare, pharma, and life sciences. Source: Profile.

We have worked with healthcare-allied firms of all sizes. So, whether you're a large institutional HMO or a solo practitioner, we know how to customise a programme to your unique, specific needs.

In some cases, our work will involve supporting the full management team of a pharma business to elevate the profile of the business. In other cases, it might require us to work with an individual healthcare practitioner to highlight their specific area of expertise.

We stay abreast of all the industry trends and developments around-the-clock. Alongside tracking all segment of the healthcare and pharma press, we stay up to date on the wider regulatory and research environment, including in the EU, North America, Asia, and elsewhere around the world.

We have supported primary care providers, hospital administrators, medical equipment suppliers, and other companies across the sector. Credit: Profile.

This provides us with the critical intelligence to guide you towards the best topics for commentary, as well as help up signpost you in the direction of subjects and areas of expertise that are not already occupied by your peers and competitors.

This deep well of knowledge of healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceuticals also means that our team of expert copywriters can write in an informed, professional, and expert way from Day One, without you worrying about our ability to write about technical healthcare topics.

We are experts at healthcare media & pharma PR.

We were founded as a PR & media specialist, but we have since developed into a full-service thought leadership agency. We have now paired our media expertise with end-to-end content services.

We apply an editorial lens to all the content that we produce. Whether the content is sitting on your website, LinkedIn, or elsewhere, it needs to engage your audience in an organic and authentic way.

These days, audiences are likely to ignore, overlook, or zone out while reading overly commercial marketing information. This provides healthcare companies with an opportunity to really stand apart with story-driven content.

This is especially true in the healthcare sector, which is not only flooded with content – but also struggles to command the attention of external audiences because of its understandable tendency to be overly technical and dry.

Pharma is a very technical industry, and I was worried about their ability to write in an accurate way. This fear was completely misplaced. From the very start of the relationship, it was clear that the knew the industry inside and out.

CEO, Pharmaceutical boutique

We also have strong relationships with all the key healthcare media contacts around the world, whether it's the reporters at the core trade publications, the health desks of the major national and regional publications, or the broadcast news desks.

We also have deep reach into all the sector-specific trade titles, including primary care publications, research and life sciences titles, healthcare investment trades, and much else besides.

End-to-end support for healthcare.

As a full-service healthcare, pharma and life sciences agency, here's a sampling of our services...

Insights identification • Topic scoping • Healthcare positioning • Thought leadership strategy • Healthcare content creation • Press release drafting • Press release distribution • Interview pitching • Comment article writing • Executive photography • Thought leadership videos • Media relations • White paper drafting • Stakeholder management • Regulator engagement • LinkedIn management • Social media content

Thought leadership work in pharma and life sciences.

We have worked with individual executives and leading large companies across the pharma & life sciences ecosystem.

  • Healthcare financing firm. A US healthcare financing firm wanted to increase patient applications and strengthen relationships with healthcare providers after a decline in enquiries due to economic downturns. We worked with the full management team to build their individual profiles as industry-specific experts.

  • Med-tech start-up. The CEO of a medtech start-up was looking to recruit talent in biomedical engineering, software development, and clinical research to accelerate the development and commercialisation of its digital health app. We built the profile of the CEO in the tech industry as a leading employer of ambitious, purpose-driven researchers.

  • Biotech investment fund. An established biotech investment fund sought to establish itself as a thought leader in biotechnology and pharmaceutical real estate, with a view to positioning itself as the fund that best understood the market to drive investor interest as well as deal flow for new investment opportunities.

  • Community hospital. A community hospital and outpatient primary care provider aimed to enhance its reputation as a leading provider of healthcare services in underserved rural areas. As part of the campaign, we conducted a research project to highlight the key priorities and concerns of healthcare users in rural areas to support our media outreach activity.

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